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Empowering Through Taste: The Inspiring Journey of Florence Dennis & Flows Tasty Treats

Flavors as Bridges: Florence Dennis’ Vision

Florence Dennis, a visionary hailing from Ghana and Liberia, is the creative force behind Flows Tasty Treats. Fuelled by a passion for sharing the diverse tastes of Africa with the world, Florence embarked on a journey to create a platform that bridges culinary heritage and global palates. Her vision is simple yet profound: to make African snacks like Toasted Corn and Peanut familiar and accessible to a wider audience.

Edible Education: The Impact Box

More than just a snack company, Flows Tasty Treats stands as a beacon of social responsibility. At its heart lies the “Impact Box,” a product that carries the promise of education within its delectable contents. For every box sold, a portion of the proceeds contributes to a scholarship fund. This fund aims to empower individuals with academic opportunities, echoing Florence’s own journey from uncertainty to a Harvard education.

Stories of Transformation

Florence’s personal story resonates deeply with the mission of Flows Tasty Treats. Her pursuit of education, supported by a kind-hearted mentor, fueled her determination to create a lasting impact. This narrative of transformation underscores the brand’s commitment to giving back to the community and enabling others to access the same life-changing opportunities that Florence herself experienced.

Flows Tasty Treats: From Shelves to Icons

From its humble beginnings, Flows Tasty Treats has blossomed into a symbol of culinary discovery and social change. Featured in prestigious publications like Forbes and showcased in prominent locations such as New York Penn Station and the Prudential Center, the brand’s influence continues to grow. With plans to expand into major retailers and an increasing online presence, Florence’s mission to amplify African flavors and education is becoming a global reality.


In a world characterized by flavors that unite and stories that inspire, Flows Tasty Treats stands as a testament to the potential of culinary entrepreneurship as a force for positive change. Florence Dennis’ commitment to celebrating her African heritage, while simultaneously creating educational pathways for others, is a narrative that transcends borders. With each bite of Flows’ snacks, you’re not only savoring the essence of Africa but also contributing to a brighter future through education. As Flows Tasty Treats continues its journey, one thing is clear: the fusion of taste and impact is a recipe for success.

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