Gift Egbelu (Founder and Chief Market Expert)

Gift Egbelu is the chief executive officer and marketer for GiftTIme Media and Productions. He has been involved in rugby as a player and media personality for 10+ years. He has traveled around the world creating a network and positive reputation in the rugby community. Gift has developed an ability to promote and communicate messages in a way that makes it easy for anybody to understand. 

Who Are We?

GiftTime Media and Productions is a full service marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses and organizations using rugby 

What Do We Do?

We work with companies and organizations to create effective marketing campaigns through rugby. We utilize different methods such as influencer marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, market funnels, and event marketing. 

Why With Rugby?

Rugby is one of the most global, diverse, and uniquely characterized sports in the world. It features so many different types of personalities and cultures, that it makes it a simpler process of finding ways to connect with different audiences, with a twist. It is one of the most undervalued marketing tools, when it comes to any major global sports. Whether you need research marketing or you need an event developed, rugby has the ability to reach the audience that you need to help grab the attention that you want. We don’t simply aim towards audiences who are in the rugby community, we use the people in the rugby community to spread the message to those who are outside of it. We have a deep understanding of how the rugby community, domestically and internationally, and can be utilized to attract people. 

How We Can Help You?

We know how hard it is for you to make time to do marketing consistently. Add to that, we know that it can be so difficult figure out what type of strategy to use. I’m sure you’ve had questions like, “How many videos do I need to post?”, “Do people still use email or are they all just spam at this point”, “Will anyone even see my ads and will I make my money back”, or “I don’t even know where to begin to find an influencer to represent my product, and I have no idea how much I’m going to have to pay them?”. There is just so much information online, that it just becomes paralysis by analysis. In the end, you don’t get started on anything, and you’re left wondering why people are getting your product as much as you would like. 

 We want to help you with that. We are a big believer in attention, connection, and community. What does this mean? You have to be loud and unique enough to grab the attention of the audience that you are looking for. Once you have caught their attention, you have to reach out to them to let them know that you’re with them and want to know how you can serve their needs. Finally, you want to develop an area of relief and value for them where they can find peace knowing that they are not alone in the matter, and you are there to help as many people as you can with what you do and provide safety for them with that. When you are doing that, people are more comfortable with working with you

What we do is to help create the attention and connection that you need to build the community that you want to sell the product. We create unique marketing campaigns that help break the noise of what people are watching. We create a system that is customized to your needs, that can attract the audiences that you are looking to for, towards the product that you want them to connect with.