Rugby Marketing is one of the most global, widespread, and underrated variations of marketing platforms. Rugby Marketing is defined as the use of rugby, with its community, stories, and standards, to distribute the message and personality of an organization, product, or service to a wider community of consumers and interested community.

Rugby is played by more than 10 million people, watched by almost 500 million people, located in 128 different countries, on six different continents and regions. The rugby community is composed of men and women of 1000s of different cultures, identities, religions, and traditions.

More than 100,000+ players and participants that reside in the USA. Along with professional, club, college, and youth rugby participation. Ranging from all different income levels, job types, and placements.

Rugby’s culture of travel allows the participants to spread to areas in an organic and personable process that can be used for content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, researching, event marketing, travel and more.

Understanding the game can be complicated, but relating to the community is incredibly easy. Whether serious or social, the people who get engaged through it are able to connect to whatever attaches to the community.

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